Kaz Baba Memorial Travel Award Schedule


Schedule for 2022: $2500 Scholarship

Announcement of Award: Wednesday, March 2

First Round Applications Due: Tuesday, March 29

Short-List announced: Tuesday, April 5

Final Short-listed applications Due: Monday, April 19

Announcement of Awardee: Tuesday, April 26

Always seeking to expand his horizons and skills, Kaz was an avid traveler. His sketchbooks, filled with skillful sketches of a wide variety of types, attest to his belief that purposeful travel is an essential component of the ongoing education of an architect or interior designer.  Since architecture and interior design are so much more than visual pursuits, incorporating numerous experiences and complexities such as culture, context, quality of light, smell, and material expression, one must learn from and be inspired by a place in person. Using a sketchbook and various modes of drawing while doing this is a technique for focusing, exploring and engaging with the physical place.


For further information contact CCA Professor Lisa Findley at lfindley@cca.edu. To make a donation, please visit www.cca.edu/support/give.

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