Eric Sandoval 

Eric’s fascination with architecture and design began as a teenager in the California. He started sketching as a method to analyze the built environment and understand how it works within its environment, stands as a structure and functions as a space. Eric graduated from CCA in May 2015 and now works at BRR Architecture. 

Eric’s research focus while traveling was “Innovative Techniques:  Analysis of Contemporary and Traditional Carpentry”.  While traveling in China and Japan he studied both ancient and contemporary methods of wood construction and joinery. His experience is best summarized in his own words …

“It is through the act of drawing that one begins to understand how the space is used over the course of a few minutes, hours or even days. Drawing on site is about slowing down, observing and questioning the surroundings. It’s about discovering who uses the space, what relationship the site has with adjacencies, and why the space is important with it context. Identifying these key moments inspires one beyond their understanding of what is possible, leading to innovation in the field of architecture and design.”


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